About “La bruja”

Señorita Taylor learned Spanish while smuggling black market kidneys high in the Andes Mountains. She also speaks Guaraní, Latin, and Bocce. She has a Master’s Degree in education from Brigham Young University, and a licence to kill from Her Majesty’s Secret Service, although she doesn’t have to use it on her class very often.

Her project this year is improving her Portuguese skills.  If you speak Portuguese, she would love to torture you by practicing with you.

Señorita has been at Lone Peak since the beginning of time and has always been in the same room.  Nothing has changed in 21 years – the chaos lives on.

Señorita Taylor also has the 2 most amazing dogs in the world: Hansel and Greteldogs and bells 3

oh, and their chew toy – the cat Holly.

hansel and holly 2