February 1 / 2

Did a speaking activity – with the light on.  Talked to classmates using the “Cuando era joven” assignment.

Learned how to conjugate regular -AR, -ER, -IR verbs in the preterite.
You WILL have a quiz on regular preterite and Level 2 verbs next time.
Regular Preterite Conjugation Endings
              AR                                                    ER/IR  
-é            -amos                                -í            -imos
-aste      -asteis                              – iste     – isteis
-ó            – aron                                – ió        – ieron

For example:
hablé    hablamos                            comí    comimos
hablaste  hablasteis                       comiste  comisteis
habló   hablaron                              comió  comieron

Talked about the BYU Foreign Language Fair – language competition.
Thursday, April 19th (a B day)
It is optional but strongly recommended and encouraged.  You do have to earn the right to go.

It is mid-term.  You have til Monday morning when school starts to turn in extra credit for the first half of the term.

Do conjuguemos.com – REGULAR verbs
Get 30/30 in a row perfect – or do 30 minutes.
Study level 2 verbs!!!