February 9 / 12

We reviewed all the rules of the preterite so far”
1 – Regular verbs
2- Stem changes
3- Spelling changes

We added a new rule – Keep an eye on the I
Here are the highlights

Keep an eye on the I
Verbs ending in 2 vowels will have a y in the third person form.  Some verbs will all also need accents on the weak vowels.

leer                                         incluir
leí              leímos               incluí            incluimos
leíste        leísteis               incluiste        incluisteis
leyó           leyeron              incluyó         incluyeron

Hints to remember:
U and I are weak – everyone else is strong
U and I are fine together
An “I”  cannot hang out between 2 other vowels – it either needs an accent or it has to change to a “y”
Stealth “U”s  are only with gui, gue, qui, and que

Make sure you know your verbs!!