January 11 / 12

We continued reviewing and practicing using future tense.
Added the concepts of:
Compound verbs conjugate the same as their base verb
– pondré / compondré,  haré / desharé, etc.
How to deal with pronominals (verbs with –se on the end)
– me banaré, se acostarán
Applying future tense to weather vocabulary.
– Hará frío, estará nublado, habrá una tormenta grande, nevará, etc.

Took a quiz on Future.  Sentences using all 3 types of future.
Cleared up some questions that had arisen from the goals homework.

Go to conjuguemos.com
Practice the Future tense.
Work until you either get 30/30  or 30 min.
You must get 30 in a row perfect – or work til you hit 30 minutes.  Whichever comes first.
In other words – if you can demonstrate that you know it well enough to not make any mistakes and can do 30 in a row, you don’t have to spend any more time on it.
If not – practice for 30 minutes.

Due on January 16 / 17

Study Level 1 and 2 verbs!