January 16 / 17

Took a quiz on Future tense and Level 1 verbs.
Many people didn’t do too well ūüôĀ
The kind, benevolent Bruja has offered to let you retake the quiz.  You have til Friday after school.  Same quiz Рbetter score.

Learned about Conditional tense – almost the same as Future, but with a condition attached – like if or but.
“I would” – rather than “I will”.
Add endings to the infinitive.  All types of verbs use the same endings.
ía     íamos            For example:   cantaría
ías   íais
ía    ían
Same irregulars as future tense.  For example: tendría,  saldría,  haría
I would do my homework, but I don’t have time.
Haría mi tarea pero no tengo tiempo.

STUDY LEVEL 1 and 2  VERBS!!!!!