January 26 / 29

Took a quiz on imperfect conjugations

Reviewed time vocabulary for past tense
(Look on your blue time/numbers vocabulary handout)
Practiced with sentences

Reviewed gustar- type constructions and how to apply them in the past.
Additional verbs that work like gustar
encantar – to love things
molestar – to bug, annoy, bother
fascinar – to fascinate
importar – to matter, be important
(no me importa = I don’t care)

Cuando era joven
Part I
Find a picture of yourself when you were a child.
It must be of you between the ages of 1 year old and 10 years old.  (No younger than 1 – no older than 10)
There can be other people in the picture, but you must be very visible.
Bring the picture or a physical copy of it to class (you won’t turn it in- so it can be part of a scrapbook, etc.)
You will use it in class, then take it back home.   Do not just bring a copy on your phone.

Part II
In connection with the picture – write 10 sentences in Spanish about yourself or your life at that age.

For example – where you lived, what you looked like, what your family was like, where you went to school, what you did in your free time, what you watched, ate, read, played with, etc.  Who were your friends? (real or imaginary) What were your favorite things?  (food, color, book, toy, movie, game, etc.) Did you have a pet? What was its name?  etc. etc. etc.

Do NOT talk about events or action that were  1 time or main event things like- I broke my arm  or  I went to Disneyland.  Focus on describing conditions and general things you always did.

Since you are talking about conditions and descriptions, write the sentences using imperfect tense.

Try to use lots of different verbs. (Use your verb lists!)
Your sentences should be good, long, complex sentences.  Include some good adjectives (make them agree!)
You are welcome to look up words – but don’t use a computer translator or a native speaker.

For example:
Cuando tenía 2 años, mi familia vivía en Ohio porque my papá asistía a la universidad de Ohio State.    Tenía mucho pelo rojo asqueroso en esos días porque yo era una niña malvada y muy atrevida.