January 9/10

Today we learned how to talk about the future in Spanish.

Here is a quick summary of the grammar: Future

Had soapbox lecture #59  – Don’t write down goals

Sang Llegaré a mi meta (Go the distance – from Hercules) to practice the future tense.  (links to lyrics and video are on the Class Resources page)

HOMEWORK     (Due 11/12)
Write 10 goals – use the conjugated  future form of the verb – I WILL do
1 for yourself – use the yo form of the conjugated future
1 for Señorita T. – use the form of the conjugated future
8 for other people or groups- use the el/ella or ellos/ellas form of the conjugated future.
Be sure to use lots of different verbs and make your sentences more interesting and longer by including vocabulary and adjectives.

For example:
1.  I will not commit errors this year and will be perfect in everything.
No cometeré errores este año y seré perfecto en todo.
2.  Señorita, you will clean your room for the first time this year and will not give any more impossible, hard quizzes. (please?)
Señorita, limpiarás tu cuarto por primera vez este año y no darás más pruebas  imposibles y difíciles. (¿por favor?)
3.  Shakira will wear clothes at her concert and will sing better than Beyonce.
Shakira llevará ropa en su concierto y cantará mejor que Beyonce
4.  My sister will stop singing so loudly in the shower every morning so that she won’t wake me up any more.
Mi hermana dejará de cantar tan fuerte en la ducha cada mañana, así no me despertará más.

(You shouldn’t write  English sentences – they are just here to help you understand the examples.  When you write the goals – just write the Spanish sentences.)