Oct 2 / 3

Quickly review 1st column and clarified and expanded definitions
Specific lessons:
#1 rule of adjectives – they must AGREE

corto (length) vs bajo (height)
large is NOT largo – it is grande
don’t use antiguo with people
hard = duro (object), difĂ­cil (concept), fuerte (verb)

Took a quick quiz on 1st column of adjectives from blue handout.

Went through columns 2 and 3 as a class to make sure definitions are right and clarified a few items.

ITEM on page 1 of blue handout that we went over in class.
Reviewed use of “de” with a noun
Reviewed use of “lo bueno”
Reviewed use of suffix “-ito” to show smaller and more emotional version of nouns as well as adjectives.