Oct 27 / 30

We reviewed how to do comparisons.
Look at the notes on the bottom of the second page of the blue Adjectives review sheet you have.

We also reviewed ser and estar.
Remember ser is WHO you are (character, description, etc.)  and estar is HOW you are (physical, mental or emotional state, location)

Clarification on a few issues from the previous homework:
*When comparing someone in the first half of the sentence to yourself in the 2nd half,  use the word yo not mi or me.  For example: Harry Potter tiene más amigos pelirrojos que yo.
*Remember the number one rule of adjectives. (They must AGREE!)  In this situation make sure the adjective agrees with whatever came first in the comparison.  For example: María es más loca que Juan.  Juan y Paco son menos locos que María.

Continuation of the  homework from last time – For each of the 4 famous people add another 3 descriptions comparing yourself to them.  (For a total of 5 comparisons of yourself to each person) Use different types of comparisons on each of the 5 sentences.

When you have 5 good comparisons of yourself to each of the 4 famous people  – for a total of 20 sentences.  Go back and pick 1 of the sentences you have written for each person and “blow it up” – expand with porque or pero, add more information and description.  Try to write a run-on sentence that would give an English teacher anxiety.
Do this for one sentence from each famous person.
So, in the end you will end up  with 20 total sentences – with 4 of the 20 being extremely long and packed full of descriptions.