Oct 6 / 9

Soapbox lecture #76  (National Anthem)

Finished correcting adjective test (English to Spanish)

Reviewed conjugation of verb tener

Talked about adjectives of amount – numbers and amounts go before the noun instead of after like normal adjectives.

Write 4 sentences for yourself using demasiado and bastante.
One positive, one negative for each word. IN SPANISH!

These are examples in English of what you would say – IN SPANISH
(I have too much homework, I don’t have too many videogames, I have enough stress in my life, I don’t have enough time)

THEN – talk to other people and ask them what they have too much of or not enough of  – and figure out how to write down their answers in Spanish.  You need 10 sentences for other people.
For example:  Shirley has too many friends.  My mom doesn’t have enough time to play.  My dog has too many chew toys.  
Write out their sentences in Spanish using tener and demasiado and bastante.   This time – use the he/she form of tenertiene .

When you come to class next time – you should have 14 total sentences in Spanish using tener and demasiado and bastante.