Spanish 3 Class Blog

September 18 / 19

At the beginning of class, the homework assignment of translating the green announcements vocabulary was checked.  If it was 100% complete – you got a happy homework hedgehog stamp.  That means you get 100 points on the assignment.  If it was not complete at the beginning of class – you can still complete it for 1/2 credit (50 pts)

Today we did small group activities in “stations”.
The activities in the different stations were:
Reviewing adjectives with pictionary
Practicing activity vocabulary with picture flashcards
Review and practice telling time in Spanish
Scavenger hunt in a Spanish newspaper to practice the vocabulary.
Making flashcards and practicing the vocabulary
Reviewing verbs from the list with animal charades.

You WILL have a quiz on the vocabulary next time.  (Anything on the Announcements side of the green sheet is fair game on the quiz)

September 14 / 17

Quiz on Weather vocabulary  (40 pts)

Handed out Green weather vocabulary sheet.


One side of the green weather handout you got in class says Announcements.  That is the side you are going to be working with now.
On the announcements side – the words are in Spanish.  You need to  figure out what they mean in English.  Write the English definitions directly on the green handout.  DO NOT write them on a separate sheet of paper.  If you are positive you know what the word means, you don’t have to define it on the paper, but you can if you want to.  Work through the whole announcements side of the paper – writing down all definitions you learn or look up.
Use this as an opportunity to review the words you already know and check how they are spelled in Spanish.
This is due at the beginning of class next time.

September 10 / 11

Took quiz on holiday vocabulary worth 42 pts.
Notes from quiz – DON’T capitalize months, days, languages etc. in Spanish.  Put the noun first and then the description – año nuevo NOT  nuevo año

Some specific notes:  traje = suit, outfit or costume – as in a traditional outfit worn for celebrations or in a certain region or country.
disfraz = costume worn as a disguise or dressing up like something or someone else.   costumbre = custom or tradition. It doesn’t mean costume.

September 6 / 7

We continued reviewing vocabulary, this time focusing on the calendar.  Days, dates, months and holidays.
Vocab to make sure you know:
fecha vs día
día festivo or feriado – holiday
noche vieja, año nuevo
derechos civiles

Culture concepts:
“hacer puente”  – taking an extra day (or 2) of holiday between the actual date and the weekend.

We watched a powerpoint about a cool holiday in Spain called “las fallas”

Take the last 6 months of the year and create a vocabulary map like we did in class with January.  Take a month, list the holidays celebrated and whether they are a day or a date.  Figure out how you say the holiday and their date/day in Spanish.  Write down words or phrases or vocabulary about that holiday.  How do you celebrate? What do you do? What do you eat or drink?  Where do you go?  Figure out how to say that vocabulary in Spanish.  Wordreference is a great resource.  You DO NOT have to write sentences.  Just lists of vocabulary.  (verbs, nouns, descriptions, etc)  You need to do this for all 6 months.  At least 2 holidays per month.  For August – make up a holiday and how you would celebrate.
These are the holiday YOU celebrate or that are celebrated here in the U.S.  We will learn about Spanish holidays throughout the year – but you need to get a base of vocabulary for general holidays and celebrations.
This is due next class – at the beginning of class.

August 30 / 31

Today we reviewed how to do big numbers including years.

Practiced talking about self with big numbers.
Addresses, birthday and year, phone number etc.

Did a  Quick review of days of week and months

Sang “Yo más te adoro”

Extra vocab you should make sure you know
código de área – area code
código postal – zip code
nacer – to be born
no vale la pena – it’s not worth it


August 28 / 29

Today we reviewed and practiced numbers.
Practice with the numbers sheet handed out in class.
We practiced asking and answering questions with numbers.
These questions can be found on the bottom half of the Basic phrases sheet. 

Make sure you know your digits (be able to talk about your address, phone number, birthday and birth year) in Spanish.


Reviewed sections of the back of the basic phrases sheet – The   “coping card”
We went over the sections:  If you don’t understand, escape phrases and courtesy phrases.

August 24 / 27

Reviewed and practiced basic phrases and favorites. (pesos!)

Took a quiz on Basic Phrases and colors

Talked about how to take a quiz…
*Use a half sheet of paper
*Don’t write in red
*Try to answer anything you can

And correct a quiz
*Correct in red
*take off points for what you miss
*correct your answer or write in the correct answer as we go over them
*add in extra credit and write your total score at the top by your name.

Learned how to properly rip paper in half

Learn from your mistakes – don’t just make them.

Day 1

August 20 / 21

Welcome to Spanish 3!
Today we reviewed basic greeting and introduction phrases.
A review of these phrases can be found here.
We did over 60 minutes entirely in Spanish! – You guys are awesome!
Thanks for trying so hard even though you were really freaked out.

Things to remember from today:
When the light is on – DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH!
You can do it, don’t panic.  It will get easier with practice.
Pesos are points – answer questions and participate in order to earn them.
Don’t cross the line of death.
Señorita Taylor knows your name