Sept 1/ Sept 5

Reviewed for a few minutes then took a quiz on numbers.
Things to watch out for from the quiz:

Introduction to the text book:
We will learn about many different countries that speak Spanish.
We will use the text to learn about people and places in the Spanish-speaking world.

Vocabulary to make sure you know:
el país – country
el estado – state
la ciudad – city
la capital – capital city
Los Estados Unidos de América – The United States of America
estadounidense – U.S citizen

We went over the 4 steps for reading in Spanish:
1.  Context
2.  Skim
3.  Search and Destroy
4.  Re-read

We read together about Octavio Paz on page 2 of the text and worked through the 4 steps as a class.


Read about the other 3 people on pages 2 and 3 of the text.  You don’t have to write anything down.  Just make sure you follow the 4 steps and understand the basic information about each person.
Bring your textbook with you to class on Wed/Thurs