Sept 12 / 13

Mini quiz on holiday vocabulary worth 14 pts.  Notes from quiz – don’t capitalize months, days, languages etc. in Spanish.  Put the noun first and then the description – año nuevo NOT  nuevo año

If your homework was done correctly it got a stamp – this means you get full on-time credit, but you still need to finish the second half of the assignment (that was explained today).  If you didn’t get a stamp, get the homework done and do an extra good job (do more than 2 holidays per month or add in August)  and you can get some of those points back.

We finished the powerpoint on the Fallas in Spain.  Make sure you know what the following words represent: las falleras, la ofrenda, la mascletá, las calles illuminadas, las fallas, la cremá, día de San José.  Don’t just be able to translate them – be able to talk about what happens at the festival.

Continued working with holidays and calendars in Spanish.  We used the homework to fill in February and July.  Students who had done those months could earn lots of pesos.  Students who hadn’t done those months could fill in the info on their vocabulary map of the holidays of the year.  (And also earn pesos.)
Some specific notes:  traje = suit, outfit or costume – as in a traditional outfit worn for celebrations or in a certain region or country.
disfraz = costume worn as a disguise or dressing up like something or someone else.   costumbre = custom or tradition. It doesn’t mean costume.

*Finish the year of holidays.
Take the last few months you didn’t have done yet, list the holidays celebrated and whether they are a day or a date.  Figure out how you say them and their date/day in Spanish.  Write down words or phrases or vocabulary about that holiday.  How do you celebrate? What do you do? What do you eat or drink?  Where do you go?  Figure out how to say that vocabulary in Spanish. is a great resource.
You DO NOT have to write full sentences.  Just lists of vocabulary.  (verbs, nouns, descriptions, etc).
The paper you will hand in next class period will have the whole year finished except for August (unless you do that for extra pts.)
*This is due next class – at the beginning of class.