Sept 14 / 15

We took a quiz on holiday vocabulary.  (20 pts.)
Turned in homework. (Vocabulary map of holidays from the whole year)

Expanded the practice with calendar vocabulary to making nice, good, long sentences.
Make sure you are learning how to talk about the things you like or do.
Do you have the verbs you need to talk about your activities?

Grammar points reviewed:
Most important idea or words go first.
de + el = del
When you want to say “on Friday” or on a day or date – use the definite article “el”  don’t use the word “en.
So “on Friday” would be “el viernes”.
To talk about a span of days or dates such as “from Friday to Sunday”, use the phrase  “del ___ hasta el _____”  So it would be  “del viernes hasta el domingo”.

descanso = break

Sang the song Torero  (on resources page if you want to listen or see the words again)

One side of the green handout you got at the end of class says Announcements.  That is the side you are going to be working with.  Don’t worry about the weather side right now.
On the announcements side – the words are in Spanish.  You need to  figure out what they mean in English.  Write the English definitions directly on the green handout.  DO NOT write them on a separate sheet of paper.  If you are positive you know what the word means, you don’t have to define it on the paper, but you can if you want to.  Work through the whole announcements side of the paper – writing down all definitions you learn or look up.
Use this as an opportunity to review the words you already know and check how they are spelled in Spanish.
This is due at the beginning of class next time.