Sept 18 / 19

If you had your Announcements paper finished – you got a stamp.

We worked on creating a paragraph-length announcement with MANY scheduled tangents to review grammar and vocabulary in context.

Points to remember:
*Most important word goes first (noun before adjective)
*Adjectives have to agree in number and gender
*If you use a noun to describe another noun like “soccer game”, make sure you put the main word first and the descriptive noun with the word “de” after.  So Soccer game would be “partido de fútbol”.  Anytime you use a noun as a description, it needs the word “de”.
*NEVER use an apostrophe S in Spanish!!!  My mom’s car = El coche de mi mamá.  NOT  Mi mamá’s coche.
*You can win games and trophies, you cannot win people or teams.
*Put the emphasis on the right syllable.  (lares)
*Proper pronunciation is a choice. – I expect you to learn to say things correctly and make the effort to sound Spanish – not Gringo.
*Make sure you have all the things on the green sheet figured out.  Look up any additional words you don’t know or have defined already.

Write 2 amazing announcements.  Each should be at least a paragraph long.  Include all the information you can such as who, what, where, when, cost, why go, what will happen, what to wear, take, etc.  
The first announcement should be about a sports event (so you can talk about teams and versus and fun words like that.)
The second should be some kind of event that isn’t a sport.  So a party,  dance, concert or an activity of some kind.  

Use the green announcements and the blue time vocabulary handouts to help you figure out how to say things in Spanish.  DO NOT USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE!  Use the structure we practiced in class.  Keep it simple but complete and you can do almost everything with what you have been given.  If you want to try some extra creativity, do it after the basics are there and done well.

Please don’t do 2 sports or game announcements.  Please don’t do 2 event or party announcements.  Do one of each.

Here is a sample extra (non-sport) announcement in English:    The aliens are coming to my backyard tomorrow at 4:15.  Everyone needs to come and wear their tinfoil hats.  It is free if you bring green jello.  It will be awesome!  We are going to have a party and welcome the aliens to Earth.  My address is 10189 N 4800 W. Highland.  (Please don’t talk  to the  people in AF or too many people are going to come and scare away the lovely aliens. )  Next week we are going to learn how to fly in their spaceship. It will be very fun!

and in Spanish:     Los extraterrestres vienen a mi jardín mañana a las 4:15.  Todos necesitan venir y llevar sus sombreros de papel de aluminio.  Es gratis si traes gelatina verde.  ¡Va a ser asombroso!  Vamos a tener una fiesta y dar la bienvenida a los extraterrestres a la tierra.  Mi dirección es… (Por favor, no hables con las personas en AF o demasiadas personas van a venir y espantar a los extraterrestres lindos. )  La semana que viene vamos a aprender a volar en su nave.  ¡Va a ser muy divertido!