Sept 20 / 21

Handed in announcements homework

Reviewed for “quiz” with teams at the whiteboard.

Sang “Hay un tren” (Remember there are links to all the songs we sing and the lyrics on the “Class resources” page.)

Points to remember from review activity and song
*When you verb a person you have to use a personal “a”
In other words, when the verb directly affects a person, you have to insert an “a” in between the verb and the person.  Abrazo a mi mamá

* lo bueno – the good thing.  If you use the formula “lo + adjective”  it means the ___ thing.  Like, the awesome thing about Spanish class is the crazy teacher = Lo asombroso de la clase de español es la maestra loca.

*por si acaso = just in case

* to have fun = divertirse   Don’t try to use the verb tener.   We have fun = Nos divertimos.


STUDY!!! You have a huge quiz on Friday and you can’t use your green sheet.  Make flash cards, practice writing words down, don’t just look at the paper, really study and memorize the vocabulary.