Sept 26 / 27

Took a quiz on the weather (33 pts)

Read the story about Tío Tigre and Tío Conejo from the classroom text. (Not the regular textbook.)
Here is a copy of the story   Page 1   /  page 2  /   page 3
Here are your instructions:

Do the 4 steps of reading  for EACH segment.  (A segment consists of  a picture and a paragraph of text.)

That means – You should skim-read the small segment with a picture.  Then you should  figure out what it all means (search and destroy).  Look up words you need to in a dictionary. (Use word DO NOT use google translate!)  Watch out for words that are conjugated verbs.
Then re-read the segment you have just pulled apart.
Move on to the next segment and repeat the steps.

DO NOT just skim through the whole story.

When you have finished carefully working through each segment of the story, go back and re-read the whole thing all the way through.
Remember that the purpose of this exercise is not necessarily to get to the end of the story, it is to practice reading in Spanish and learn some new vocabulary.

When you have finished all the steps, write a very simplified summary of the story in Spanish.

Put your name on it please.  Turn in it to the box.

ASSIGNMENT (in simplified terms)
Read the story, write a summary.