Sept 28 / 29

Worked with new handout on Adjectives.
Go through the top section and make sure you can define all the adjectives.  (empollón = nerd, chupamedias = brown-noser)

Go back through the story about Tio Tigre and Tio Conejo.
Here is a copy of the story   Page 1   /  page 2  /   page 3

This time as you look at the story, you need to find and write down every adjective or adjective phrase (like phrases that describe with the word DE and a noun).    Be careful not to write nouns or verbs, just adjectives or adjective phrases.

You need to find at least 20.  There are over 30.  (not counting duplicates or plurals.)

Write the adjective in Spanish and what it means in English.

Write your name on the list of adjectives from Tio Tigre – turn it in to the box.

Start memorizing the adjectives on the blue handout.

You will have a quiz on the first column of adjectives on the blue handout on Monday! (Tuesday for B-8)