Sept 6 / 7

New seating chart ūüôā ¬†Learn people’s names!

Reviewed basic phrases for pesos
Went over info on Octavio Paz and friends (pg 2-3)
Notes and vocab:
Culture about Cuba
cantante – singer
premio – prize
actor / actriz

Song:    Hoy РGloria Estefan
Went through words – watched video
Vocab:  alegrar, hoy, fuente, moneda, fe, tristeza, sombra

Practiced time vocabulary.  Refer to blue time / numbers sheet.

Got disclosure documents.
Need to read CAREFULLY, complete, sign and turn in before Friday (9/8).

Disclosure Document
Review how to tell time (blue sheet).
Work through and figure out how you would talk about what time you do various things during the day.   Specifically look at the verbs; despertarse, levantarse, acostarse, empezar, comenzar, hacer.  

Keep reviewing numbers, days, months and time vocab.