Sept 8/11

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Today we took a quiz to see if you actually did the homework.
The assignment was to study telling time vocab and how to talk about what time you do different things.  Quiz on time vocab.

We continued reviewing vocabulary, this time focusing on the calendar.  Days, dates, months and holidays.
Vocab to make sure you know:
fecha vs día
día festivo or feriado – holiday
noche vieja, año nuevo
derechos civiles

Culture concepts:
Eating 12 grapes (uvas) at midnight on New Year’s eve in Spain
“hacer puente”  – taking an extra day (or 2) of holiday between the actual date and the weekend.

We watched a powerpoint about a cool holiday in Spain called “las fallas”

Take 5 more months of the year and create a vocabulary map like we did in class with January.  Take a month, list the holidays celebrated and whether they are a day or a date.  Figure out how you say them and their date/day in Spanish.  Write down words or phrases or vocabulary about that holiday.  How do you celebrate? What do you do? What do you eat or drink?  Where do you go?  Figure out how to say that vocabulary in Spanish.  Wordreference is a great resource.  You DO NOT have to write sentences.  Just lists of vocabulary.  (verbs, nouns, descriptions, etc)  You need to do this for 5 months.  At least 2 holidays per month.
The East side (against the far wall) needs to do February through June.  The West side (by la bruja’s desk) will do July, and September through December (skip August).
This is due next class – at the beginning of class.