September 18 / 19

At the beginning of class, the homework assignment of translating the green announcements vocabulary was checked.  If it was 100% complete – you got a happy homework hedgehog stamp.  That means you get 100 points on the assignment.  If it was not complete at the beginning of class – you can still complete it for 1/2 credit (50 pts)

Today we did small group activities in “stations”.
The activities in the different stations were:
Reviewing adjectives with pictionary
Practicing activity vocabulary with picture flashcards
Review and practice telling time in Spanish
Scavenger hunt in a Spanish newspaper to practice the vocabulary.
Making flashcards and practicing the vocabulary
Reviewing verbs from the list with animal charades.

You WILL have a quiz on the vocabulary next time.  (Anything on the Announcements side of the green sheet is fair game on the quiz)