September 28 / October 1

Today we took a quiz on Useful words and phrases from the yellow basic phrases sheet.  (31 pts)

Reviewed basic verb information.  Refer to gold Basic and irregular verbs info sheet.

Introduction to

Verbs Level 1 – pre quiz
Go through Level 1 verbs and define them IN PENCIL.  See what you know or remember without looking at any notes.  Count up how many verbs you could define and write them in the lower right-hand corner.
AFTER you have done the pre-check, go back through and IN PENCIL and finish defining the verbs using notes or


HOMEWORK 30/30-30 with basic present tense verbs.
This means – you work on doing the “graded verb practice” with present tense regular verbs.  If you can get 30 out of 30 perfect in a row – you are done! Otherwise, keep practicing until you have worked for 30 minutes