TERM 2 October 25 / 26

Welcome to term 2!
Announcements and such:
*If you have any questions or concerns about Term 1 grades – please come talk to Srta T.  ASAP.  (It’s not too late 🙂
*New seating chart – please learn people’s names
*New color of pesos – green
*Extra credit opportunities – Día de los muertos @ Thnksgvng Pt.
*Spanish club – papel picado (Wed after school)
*Remember to make up participation points within 1 week of the absence.  (I was lenient 1st term – not so for 2nd term)

You will have the privilege of doing a “bienvenida” this term.  This is a presentation of a welcome to the class.
We went over the requirements in detail.  Srta did a sample one.
We signed up for days to do it.  As soon as everyone has signed up – the lists will be posted in the classroom as well as on the General information page on this website.
Here is a copy of the requirements.  Term 2 Bienvenida

We sang the song “El amor es un bichito” as a competition.

We started talking about comparisions.
Simple comparisons need “más or menos” and “que”.

Pick 4 famous people – they can be living or dead or real or fictional- but must be famous. (Most people would know who they are.)
Get a full sheet of paper – On the front side at the top, write the first name – below it, write 2 sentences comparing yourself to that famous person using más or menos and que.  For example:
Harry Potter
Soy más mágico que Harry.
Tengo menos amigos pelirrojos que Harry

Then drop down to the middle of the page and do the second person.  Do the 3rd and 4th person on the back. Leave a large blank section between each person.

This assignment must be done BEFORE class starts next time.  We are going to modify and add to it.  If is isn’t done before class starts – it will drop to 1/2 credit.